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Investing in real estate has always been a reliable path to accumulating wealth. Most individuals who have created mass wealth in their lifetime, have usually done so through real estate in some form or fashion.

Today more than ever is the perfect time for investors to get started and achieve their financial dreams. With some capital and ZINC Investor Rehab financing, average investors can now take advantage of the abundance of disposition properties for sale.

Our investors come from diverse backgrounds, however exposure to real estate, construction or maintenance, finance, etc. is very helpful. Strict organizational and computer skills are also critical. Our investors are very skilled and have a keen understanding of their local real estate market. ZINC also requires all investors to have hard cash in the deal with ZINC, as this creates an aligned interest on every project to insure success for both the investor and ZINC.

Our investors are very thorough in their analysis on every deal. Acquisition price is key, as well as rehab budget and of course financing, carrying costs and finally sales expenses. Our most successful investors may place up to 10 bids before securing even one deal, and they often spend countless hours of research on the subject property prior to closing.

ZINC Financial, Inc.
ZINC Financial, Inc.

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ZINC Financial, Inc.
Investors can use our free deal analyzer to determine the validity of the deal they are reviewing, allowing for a more comprehensive assessment of the transaction.

Without question, real estate rehabbing can be rewarding and financially lucrative. Feel free to contact ZINC Financial, Inc. with any investor rehab questions.


Research and know your local real estate market well.
Always use a direct private lender who can fund loans within 2 weeks. Conventional lenders take to long, and Bank's are interested in disposing of the REO, as is, to a buyer who can close in 2 weeks or less.
Keep acquisition price very low, 40-60% of A.R.V. Don't be afraid to make multiple offers on multiple properties to get the best deal. Be prepared to walk from as many as 10 deals before landing one prospective property.
Try to locate a listing agent who receives REO listings directly from the bank, so that you will have first option at these listings before hitting the open market.
Stick to simple properties in urban areas that will sell quickly. 3/2 S.F.R. in well known track neighborhoods can move quickly.
Always determine your A.R.V., and work backwards to your offer price. Try to keep your final expected sales price at 70-80% of current comps, working backwards from there to arrive at your maximum purchase price.
Always prepare a rehab budget and keep your rehab expenditures simple without getting into major construction. Try to stay away from major roofing, H.V.A.C., electrical, or plumbing. These expenditures can get out of control and eat any profit margin you had.
Use new cost effective appliances, lights, fixtures, and paints from well known and inexpensive home improvement retailers. Keep products simple and inexpensive.
Use neutral colors.
Keep landscaping simple and neat.
Keep rehab timelines less than 45 days.
Work with small mom and pop handyman services who can perform most of your repairs. These companies have low overhead, usually complete the work themselves and can provide you the best price, and often the best and fastest service.
Do not get emotionally involved in properties, locations or improvements, do only what works and what sells fast, regardless of your tastes or desires. Your must provide a product that is desired by the masses. Stay away from medium or high priced appliances, lighting or plumbing fixtures as well as vibrant colors and complex landscaping. Low end paints, carpets, and appliances provide for the best return.
Don't skip on Real Estate commissions, call the largest R.E. company in your region and ask for the top sales agent last month, and that's your person regardless of rate. You must move that product in less than 6 months.
Always have a back up exit strategy to either sell, or refinance and rent the property within 6 months from initial purchase.


ZINC Financial, Inc.
ZINC Financial, Inc.

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