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Rehab Loans

Success in real estate investing depends on having a steady and dependable flow of capital for both property acquisition and repairs. Rehab loans from ZINC have helped many investors just like you. Whether you are just getting started or are an experienced investor, we have the loan products and solutions that can help make your business dreams a reality.

We provide rehab hard money loans to serious investors who are willing to put in their time, money, and hard work towards the successful rehabilitation and sale of their investment properties.

Benefits Of Rehab Home Loans:

Allows investors to take advantage of below market pricing on distressed properties
Provides funding for both the purchase of the home and the estimated repair costs
They are easier to qualify for than traditional mortgage loans
Rehab Loans have shorter, more flexible terms than traditional mortgage loans

When Choosing Properties:

  • Pay attention to the neighborhood. Properties requiring more extensive repairs but located in nicer neighborhoods have a better chance of selling (in general) than properties needing minimal repair but located in run-down neighborhoods.
  • Inspect the home as thoroughly as possible. If you have the opportunity to have the property inspected before purchasing, hire a qualified, professional company to complete the inspection and provide you with a detailed inspection report.
  • Look for unique features. Unique architecture, landscaping, and other attributes can help a home sell, especially if these features are improved upon.
  • Have a plan. Will you be making the necessary improvements yourself, or will you be hiring a contractor? If you are planning on hiring someone, take the time to research a reputable company before you finalize the purchase of the property. Small mom and pop handyman services can usually provide the best value and the fastest timeline for small rehab projects.

Once you identify the property(ies) you wish to purchase, submit your loan request online at our submit a loan tab, or contact us for a free, no obligation financial consultation.

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