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Searching for rapid rehab funding? Look no further then ZINC Financial. We understand that when it comes to real estate investing and rehabbing properties, time is of the essence. Conventional mortgage loans can take several months to finalize and are not designed to cover the costs of repair, nor are they designed for short term use. For these reasons, many real estate investors find that when it comes to funding for rehab, private lenders are the way to go.

When you choose ZINC Financial for your rehab funding needs you will:

  • Have a wide variety of loan options from which to choose from
  • Receive the benefit of our years of lending experience
  • Receive rapid rehab funding upon approval of your loan
  • Have the ability to close your loan in as little as 7 days.
  • Receive funding for both the acquisition and rehabilitation of your investment property(ies)
  • Never pay pre-payment penalties
  • Be automatically pre-qualified after your third loan
  • Have the ability to qualify for a rehab loan on a property that you already own for the purposes of selling it.
  • Discount pricing for return Investors

For these reasons and many more, rehab funding loans are increasing in popularity, particularly in today's real estate market where investors are buying more lower priced properties then mid to higher priced ones. These loans provide a viable alternative for investors looking to take advantage of the multiple distressed properties available. If you live in California, Arizona, or Nevada, you may be eligible to obtain a rehab loan from ZINC. To learn more visit www.zincfinancial.net for loan programs and requirements.

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