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If you are having trouble qualifying for a mortgage loan because of property condition or other factors, or if you are interested in the money-making possibilities of real estate investment, rehab financing from ZINC Financial is the solution for you. Traditional lending institutions specialize in providing permanent financing for homes in sellable condition, and do not include financing for repairs or renovations. This means that there are literally thousands of available, vacant properties in need of repair with great potential, just waiting for the right investor.

What Is Rehab Financing?

Our rehab loan financing programs allow borrowers like you to purchase properties that do not qualify for traditional mortgage loans and provide you with the funding that you need to turn these properties into livable, sellable homes. Sometimes referred to as rehab hard money financing and/or rehab private money financing, our loan products are designed to help you realize your financial and investing goals. Whether you are interested in purchasing a home, completing the renovations and repairs necessary, and then selling it, or wish to apply for a long term mortgage loan at the end of their rehab loan financing period, our financial lending experts are here to guide you through the process, every step of the way.

Know Your Options

When it comes to rehab financing, there are several options available. If you are unable to meet the income requirements to qualify for a traditional mortgage loan, an FHA 203k rehab loan, which allows borrowers to obtain a fixed-rate or adjustable mortgage loan to finance both the purchase of a property and the repairs necessary, may be the best solution for you. ZINC's loan programs are similar to a 203k loan, except ZINC performs much faster that FHA, usually in a matter of days, while a FHA 203k can take months to secure. For investors, we offer short-term rehab loans that allow you to purchase the property and finance and make the necessary repairs within the designated term period. If you're ready to take the next step towards obtaining the financing that you need, contact us today for a free consultation and to find out which of our rehab loan programs is right for you. Visit our loan programs tab for rates and investor requirements.

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