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Rehab Lending Booms in 1st and 2nd Quarters of 2010

Zinc Financial sees more "house flippers" enter the market than ever before

Clovis, CA (MarketWire) April 13, 2010 – As home values stabilize and more and more investors buy properties at unbelievable prices not seen in decades, business in the rehab lending market is booming, says ZINC Financial, Inc., a leading rehab loan lender for investors in California and Arizona.

Distressed properties continue to flood the market, but values have stabilized, creating incredible opportunities for real estate investors. In addition, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) issued a one-year waiver of anti-flipping rules in February so borrowers could get FHA financing to acquire homes from real estate investors who have held title for less than 90 days, essentially giving its seal of approval to house flipping. With first time FHA homebuyers accounting for most transactions, there is a huge need for rehabbed entry-level homes.

Most conventional lenders won't lend on these distressed properties due to the run down nature of the property however, creating a critical need for special rehab financing providers such as ZINC Financial, Inc.. ZINC Financial fills a niche for investors looking to leverage their capital to invest in "fix and flip" type properties, working with investors on every project to insure success for both the investor and themselves.

"Between the influx of distressed properties deluging the market and the number of FHA homebuyers still buying homes, there is booming market for real estate investors and house flippers," said a ZINC Financial representative. "In the 1st and 2nd Quarters of 2010 we have seen a huge number investors seeking rehab financing loans."

With ZINC Financial, real estate investors can receive rehab loans to fund their investment opportunity in as little as seven days - an absolute must in the fast paced world of home foreclosures. In addition, they offer 48-hour approval, flexible underwriting, rehab portion financing, no pre-payment penalty and on-going consultation.

2010 is the perfect time for investors to get started and achieve their financial dreams through real estate rehabbing. By working with ZINC Financial, investors have a powerful ally and partner on their side. ZINC Financial's common sense underwriting to hard money rehab loans provides investors with the confidence and security of knowing their loan solution is personally tailored to their own individual situation for the best results.

For additional information on ZINC investor rehab loans, please call toll free 866-376-7443 or visit www.ZincFinancial.net.

About ZINC Financial, Inc.:

ZINC Financial, Inc. is a leading investment rehab lender, helping investors leverage their capital to acquire and rehab properties for investment purposes. ZINC understands that investors can't wait for conventional financing and must close deals quickly; they are a direct lender, so decisions are made fast, providing for expedited property turn a rounds and faster profits for investors.


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