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Submitting your Investor Rehab Loans with ZINC Financial, Inc. has never been easier.

Do you have clients looking for Rehab Loans? ZINC Financial, Inc. is a direct rehab lender lending in CA and AZ. We provide short-term financing for investors who acquire and rehab properties for investment purposes.

Discover what many brokers have already done: ZINC Financial, Inc. has one of the most lucrative commission structures for our brokers who submit Investor Loans directly to ZINC. Brokers determine their own compensation and brokers can earn commissions up to lender origination fees, creating excellent income potential.

As a leader in Investment Rehab Financing, ZINC understands and appreciates the role brokers play in the loan submission process. Brokers are protected and all commissions are paid directly from escrow.

It's easy, it's quick and it's lucrative to submit your Investor Loans directly to ZINC Financial, Inc..

Visit Loan Programs for complete details and Investor Requirements, or use our Deal Analyzer for a snapshot of your submission's likelihood for approval.

Simply complete the Apply Now section, with appropriate broker contact data. Then email the following items to office@zinc.net. Viable submissions can expect a pre-approval in 48 hours.


  Investor Rehab LendingSubmission form   Investor Rehab LendingPurchase Contract
  Investor Rehab LendingComplete 1003 application   Investor Rehab LendingColor Pics - In, out & street
      view, or color appraisal.
  Investor Rehab LendingCredit Report "Tri-merge"   Investor Rehab Lending3 months bank statements


ZINC Financial, Inc. Another Investor Rehab Funding
Our 3rd Rehab Loan this month
ZINC Financial, Inc.
We can count on ZINC to fund our Investor Rehab Loan Submission.
ZINC Financial, Inc.

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