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Whether you are a new or an experienced rehabber, ZINC's Investor Rehab Financing Program is designed to assist you in becoming a more successful investor. When you work with ZINC Financial, you benefit from quick decisions, fast turnarounds, and the comfort of knowing you are working with a reputable direct lender.

Do you have a property in mind? As part of our comprehensive rehab program, all of our house flipping investors' projects are evaluated to minimize your financial risk. ZINC can examine the economics of your deal, or you can visit our Deal Analyzer for faster feedback. ZINC will work with you to identify solid projects that fit your region and economic parameters. Together, we will help you determine project viability, and if a specific project does not work, we can assist you in identifying better opportunities to ensure success. Do you have an exit strategy in place? Should you sell for a profit or refinance and rent your property? Different investors have different goals, and ZINC can assist you to determine which exit strategy will lead to the greatest profitability and success.

If your deal is viable and you are committed to success, you will receive a written pre approval from ZINC within 48 hours of receiving your complete submission. Our pre-approval for private money loans outlines loan amounts, detailed pricing, control funds, future conditions, and more as clearly as possible to eliminate guesswork.

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ZINC Financial, Inc.
Our Rehab Program
  • Easy Submission
  • Loans from $50,000 to $2,000,000
  • Fast Funding
  • 48 Hour Pre-Approval
  • Flexible Underwriting
ZINC Financial, Inc. can
  • Review project scope and
    economic feasibility
  • Assess After Repaired Value
  • Evaluate purchase price and
    rehab costs
  • Analyze your exit strategy
  • Assist in cash flow projections
  • Help you grow your business
House Flipping Investors 	Private Money Loans
ZINC Financial, Inc.

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